Big News!

First, as you can see, I’m finally putting up some new work. Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve been plenty busy with other projects. 
As always you can buy this print and plenty others on Etsy. 

I’m also thrilled to announce that I will be at VikingCon in Bellingham, WA on May 3rd. The kind folks there invited me to take part in a panel, which I’ll be doing at 11:00am and I’ll be somewhere in the expo hall for the rest of the day. More news on that soon. 

Lastly, if you care to take a gander at the Etsy shop you might notice it’s got a major makeover. I think it’s a huge improvement but I’d love to hear some feedback from you lovely people. 



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I’m thrilled to be included in the Bioshock Marathon Raffle prizes! 
Check it out and help raise $15,000 for Child’s Play. 

Bioshock Marathon

Child’s Play

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Three new American Horror Story t-shirts up on Redbubble today!

Click that link ^


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New Nintendo Minimalist Posters

2 for $20 at Etsy


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Crowdfunded Firefly T-Shirt
-Kodi Sershon

Thanks Fuck Yeah Firefly for helping me out! 
Krampus Press has a new logo. It looks like this. 
Thank you all for your continuing support, its overwhelming. 

I’ve been trying hard to get in the T-Shirt biz. 
Crowd-funding looks like a great way to do so. 

Please help make this shirt exist!

Using tee-spring I’m able to sell a design at a significantly lower cost than redbubble and without spending any money upfront. 

Fear not, if the drive is unsuccessful you will not be charged… but you also won’t get a shirt so please, my dear Tumblr friends, help me spread the word!

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Firefly poster only $6.25 through Monday. 
I’m so incredibly excited to still be doing this. I started a year ago after interviewing for and not obtaining a graphic design job. I was in that classic catch-22. You need experience to get a job, you need a job to get experience. So I used Etsy as an outlet for the jobs I gave myself and all of you lovely folks here have done a great job giving me feedback. If an idea gets enough favs I’ll make more like it. If it gets ignored I’ll toss it. I thank you all for allowing me to follow my folly and continue to learn and improve. In celebration of that here’s the anniversary sale. Every weekend one of the most favorited posters will go on sale leading up to something big for cyber monday. 

All of you are awesome. Thank you. 

Kodi Sershon

Note: Sale only applies to 11x17 sized posters. 

Breaking Bad Poster

Three short hours… I made this just in time. 

Get one on Etsy. You’ll probably need it for the mourning process. You also get to choose the caption!

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Wes Anderson 3 Pack
Available Now at Etsy

The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic, The Darjeeling Limited

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